Bradfield Mining Geotechnics provides specialist geotechnical engineering services for the surface mining industry. 

Our services range from relatively straightforward geotechnical inspections and reviews, through to detailed geotechnical baseline studies.

Geotechnical Design

  • Open pit geotechnical design for mines and quarries
  • Slope stability analysis and assessment
  • Mine waste dump stability and design
  • Mine haul road assessment and design
  • Slope failure remediation and stabilisation
  • Dewatering and depressurisation advice
  • Advice in relation to dumping and placement of mine wastes
  • Optimisation of fleet, mining method and sequence with respect to ground conditions
  • Geotechnical scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • Guidance for site investigations, field and laboratory testing
  • UAV (drone) photogrammetry for exposure mapping and geotechnical characterisation
  • Geological structure mapping and kinematic assessment
  • Development of reliable geotechnical models
  • Third party and peer reviews.

Mining Operation Support

  • Geotechnical inspections and advisory services
  • Geotechnical risk assessments
  • Geotechnical incident investigations and ICAMs
  • Advice for management of geotechnical hazards and slope failures 
  • Advice in relation to geotechnical instrumentation, monitoring and surveillance of geotechnical hazards
  • Geological structure mapping and kinematic analysis 
  • Slope stability analysis and design
  • UAV (drone) photogrammetry for geotechnical characterisation
  • Geological structure mapping, interpretation and kinematic analysis
  • Review of design performance
  • Design modifications 
  • Tailored technical and operational studies to improve project performance
  • Relief on-site coverage for technical roles
  • Provision of an RPEQ (Mining-Geotechnical).

Geotechnical Risk Management

  • Ground Control Management Plans / Principal Hazard Management Plans 
  • Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs)
  • Compliance audits (local regulatory compliance)
  • Geotechnical management system reviews
  • Tailored technical reviews.

Geotechnical Training

  • Geotechnical hazard awareness 
  • Geotechnical hazard identification, monitoring and management 
  • Tailored technical training for mining geotechnical engineers. 


We have experience working with mining projects in Australia, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America, across a diverse range of commodities, physical environments, and ground conditions. 


We have established trusted relationships with like-minded professionals which enables us to provide a diverse range of skills and collective experience, as well as share and collaborate on global best practices. 

Personalised Service

We work closely with our clients to deliver tailored, cost-effective, and practical solutions in the areas of open pit stability analysis and design, mining operation support, and geotechnical risk management.

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